Mid and large scale solar PhotoVoltaics

While definitions vary a little, SREC defines commercial scale PV as follows:
  • Mid scale PV refers to 30kW to 1MW peak systems
  • Large scale PV systems are 1MW and above.
In Australia:
  • There is a limit of 100kW to be considered a small generator and have automatic connection to the grid plus deeming of RECS (Renewable Energy Certificates) for up to 15 years.  In other words, any PV systems with capacity greater than 100kW must be formally registered as a power station with the Clean Energy Regulator and can only generate RECS / LGCs with proof of having generated the energy;
  • Systems above 5MW in capacity need to be registered on the NEM;
  • There is an ongoing challenge of making commercial and industrial projects feasible given limited feed in tariffs for commercial projects, and requirements for prospective producers to pay for grid costs (compared with original installation of coal fired power stations which were funded independently of the cost of grids).  Despite this, the reduction in equipment costs and the success of the Australian Solar PV industry in managing costs means that as of 2017, solar power can be generated at a considerably lower cost than almost all businesses are paying for daytime electricity.
The images below track the output from some of our solar power stations.

1) Mitchell, ACT: 30kW system.  Energy produced from 1 June 2013.

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Suqian City 4MW Solar Park

4MW ground mount with greenhouse

Project completed mid 2014 by SREC's Chinese partner Mr Jiusi Lin, using JA Solar panels (260W per panel) and Sungrow inverters.
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