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Projects BELOW are listed as x kW or y MW in capacity. This refers to the nameplate capacity of the installed solar modules. As a guide:

  • a typical Australian house consumes on average 16-18kWh of electrical energy per day, roughly the energy produced by a 4-5kW capacity solar system averaged over the year
  • a really energy efficient house (like yours should be!) uses less than half of this
  • a medium to large Australian shopping centre consumes 8,000-20,000kWh/day, roughly the energy produced by a 2-5MW capacity solar system
  • businesses and families in remote Philippine communities thrive on less than 1kWh/day.

Luoyang City 60MW

60MW, first phase of 100 MW ground mount


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100 MW permit received from Xin'an County, Luoyang City.  60MW installed in first phase.
Panels are 100% Ground-mounted with 1.7 meter high supporting frame.
200 workers on site for installation, from Nov 2016 until 30 April 2017.
Panels: 50MW from GCL and 10MW from Renesola, 265W and 270W polycrystalline.  Single 60MW inverter from KStar.  EPC by Tunghsu Group.  

Western District 400kW

Ground mount system at industrial plant

SREC is working with a large industrial manufacturer in Victoria's Western District to design a significant ground mounted solar PV plant.  The facility will reduce the customer's electricity consumption by approximately 8% over the year, importantly reducing daytime demand by up to 50% and assisting in reducing power supply issues during local maximum demand events.



SREC is working with a group of Victorians who are passionate about doing something real to help the environment, to develop a community owned solar farm, possibly in the Bridgewater region north of Bendigo. The farm will start small at 100kW but should be expanded to 1MW rapidly and will have the capacity for expansion in further 1-2MW increments.  Hepburn Wind is a good example of a community owned renewable energy "farm".



Installation is ground mount near a remote township and will enable the load on the town's 4 diesel generators to be reduced substantially, reducing diesel fuel bills and diesel operating hours/maintenance costs. The reduction in fuel costs should also enable the town to provide continuous power more often: the high price of diesel has been causing the town to switch off the diesels to reduce fuel costs. This installation may also ultimately include the integration of a 200kW wind generator.



Installation is ground mount, near a large town and connected to the main island grid. SREC's role is supplier of all non-electrical parts, construction manager and installer.

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Inner Mongolia 20MW

20MW China Rural - selling into local grid

SREC's Chinese Partner Mr Jiusi Lin has completed his latest project at Chifeng City in Inner Mongolia.  On this project we have used Sungrow inverters with SolarGiga Energy and Suncome panels.
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