About SREC

Sustainable Renewable Energy Company Pty Ltd (SREC) is a developer of Renewable Energy power-stations and supplier of solar equipment. We bring the best value to our customers by offering the latest proven advances in Renewable Energy. Partnerships are important to us and we support our equipment through comprehensive service agreements.

Solutions we can provide you

  • design of large photovoltaic systems,
  • remote power generation,
  • financing of renewable energy projects, 
  • selection and sourcing of renewable energy equipment,
  • project and program management, and 
  • renewable energy systems consulting.


SREC's owners and managers have:
  • 35 years experience in solar system development and implementation, particularly in remote and large scale system design and delivery,
  • 20 years experience in power systems design, sale and maintenance, 
  • 15 years experience in project development and 
  • 20 years experience in project and business financing.
SREC has designed, built and is maintaining one of the largest PV installations in the ACT in Australia.

SREC's principals have been involved in delivering over US$80m of aid funded PV projects throughout South East Asia, particularly focused on rural and remote community requirements.

Meet the Team

Pic of Glen Currie

Glen Currie — CEO

Has extensive experience marketing and supporting distributed power systems through Australia, SE Asia, the US and Europe. He is experienced in the commercialization of low emission technologies and has held senior management positions with the CSIRO and Caterpillar. He holds an MBA (International Business) and a Bachelor Engineering (Agriculture) degree. He is the Treasurer of the National Board of the Australian Institute of Energy.


Skype: glencurrie


Pic of Rowan Doyle

Rowan Doyle — Program Director

Has extensive experience in developing and delivering engineering and systems projects globally. He is experienced in the design, construction and commissioning of medium-large engineering projects in Steel and Petrochemicals, as well as operations management of gas and petrochemical facilities and has held senior management positions in BHP Billiton. He holds an MBA (Technology Management) and a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) degree.




Pic of Jiusi Lin

Jiusi Lin — Managing Partner

Mr Jiusi Lin is a key partner of SREC's in China. His address is: NO.6 DINGQIANG ROAD, MINGFA INTERNATIONAL, YUHUATAI DISTRICT, Nanjing, China Zip code: 210012

Phone: +86 25 8969 3970

Skype: hjiusi


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Holt ACT Vineyard 90kW

90kW of Ground mount PV on south facing slope

SREC designed and installed 3 x 30kW PV systems adjacent to a vineyard in Holt, ACT.  The land covered is relatively barren and had been unused for some time.  Clenergy "Solar Terrace II" racks are used to support Jinko 250W solar panels, with grid export via a series of Aurora 10kW inverters.
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